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About Me


First off, hi. I’m Alexandria Spriggins, or Andy for short. I’m from New Orleans, LA, USA. In early 2018, my partner and I decided to live life indefinitely on the road.

When I sat down to create this blog, I asked myself the following question:

Why are you not like other travel bloggers?

On the one hand, there’s the hard truth that I’m not all that different. I’m just another twenty-something with an iPhone who wanted to carve out her own tiny corner of the internet. Kicked out of my journalism class

On the other hand, my lack of novelty is also exactly what makes me unique in this space. Let me explain.

First off, I’m new. New to traveling, new to blogging, new to sharing stories on a consistent basis. Of course, I won’t always be new. Eventually I’ll need to come back and edit this. But for now, the fact stands: I’m new here.

Secondly, I’m young. I’m still relatively responsibility-free. I still mess up pretty often and make impulsive decisions.

I’m not wealthy, or well-off, or any of the things I hoped I’d be by this age. My family contributes $0 to my travel fund monthly. I’m financially irresponsible. I have not-so-great credit (yeah, already). I wasn’t able to finish college because I wasn’t able to afford it. So, you guessed it: no degree. I’m so far off from being a homeowner...or anything owner, really.

None of this is anything to brag about. In fact, I was ashamed of all of it for what felt like a very, very long time. But the sayings are true, whatever deity exists does, in fact, work in very mysterious ways. All of my disappointments, let-downs, failures, fuck-ups, ironically allowed me to create a life that I’d only dreamed about.

And the things that I thought would render my dream impossible did exactly the opposite.

In some ways, my life is not all that different.

I still pay rent. I still work from 9-5. I still have my days.

Yet, everything has changed.

Before I left, my mentality was this: if you’re gonna pay rent, why not pay it somewhere else?

I’m not one of those people that’s going to tell you to live off of 5 dollars a day and sleep in a trash bag to save money.

I personally don’t do hostels. I don’t backpack. I like my space and I love showers.

Actually, I won’t tell you what to do at all (most of the time).

My only goal is to show you what’s possible when you redefine the boundaries that life’s set for you. I gave up my routine and gained the world.